About Radical Data Science

Welcome to Radical Data Science! This blog’s goal is to impart all that is contemporary within the field of Data Science including machine learning, data mining, predictive analytics, knowledge discovery in databases, statistical inference and most importantly the “Big Data” movement. Here at RDS, I’ll cover a wide range of aspects to this growing area of technology – Commentary, Opinion, Technology, How-To, Applications, Field Report, and Culture. I’ll try to evenly distribute the posts in each category, but the TECHNOLOGY and HOW-TO categories take longer to write so they might come more infrequently.

My name is Daniel D. Gutierrez and I come from a mathematics/computer science background, although for the last several years I’ve applied machine learning techniques to the analysis of astrophysical data sets for the LIGO project and the detection of gravitational waves. My long-term background in data science extends far before this cool name was en vogue. As a database technologist, I taught database courses at UCLA Extension for 18 years, wrote three database books, and served a technical editor for Database Advisor Magazine. My academic history with data science stems from graduate machine learning work at Stanford and Caltech.

My company is AMULET Analytics a Los Angeles based consultancy specializing in data science services. We extract intelligence from your business data assets.

But what’s with the “radical” in RDS? This is because I firmly believe that data science is the most disruptive technology in decades. The ability to make scientific predictions based on business data sets is pretty radical in terms of competitive advantage. I first became enamored with prediction when I was a kid reading the “Foundation” series by Issac Asimov. In the book, character Hari Seldon is a mathematics professor who develops “psychohistory” allowing him to predict the future in probabilistic terms. Now that’s disruptive!

As a long-time data scientist I am VERY excited about this field and with RDS I hope to spread this excitement to my readers. Oh yes, I almost forgot, please spread the word about RDS! I’d like to establish an active Data Science community here. I encourage you to leave comments about the posts as this will encourage the learning experience.

Data Science rules!



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