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UCLA Extension – Intro to R Programming

Great news! I am scheduled to teach a brand new class at UCLA Extension this coming Winter 2014 quarter starting January 8. Here is a LINK to the class description in the UNEX course catalog. As part of the course materials, I am providing all the source code from the required textbook “The Art of R Programming” by Norman Matloff via dropbox. You’ll find a series of folders, one for each chapter, containing the R scripts for the examples found in the book, plus a few missing data files that were referenced but never provided. Unfortunately, the author did not provide most of the sample source code on the book website made available from the publisher, so rather than have my students type in all the code, I’ve provided an annotated version to help the learning process. Feel free to grab the scripts even if you’re not taking my class.

Additionally, Matloff has made available a 2009 draft of the book on his personal website, so feel free to download the book HERE (pdf).

See you all in class!




For thoseĀ  of you out there wondering where I’ve gone, let me give you the low down. Shortly after I started the RadicalDataScience blog, I was hired as Managing Editor of insideBIGDATA, a news outlet covering the big data industry including areas such as data science, machine learning and visualization. Since Sept 1, 2013 I’ve been writing many features, news stories and technical articles including my “Data Science 101” series. As a result of this high visibility assignment, and my less-frequent contributions over on BigDataRepublic, my writing will continue to appear through these outlets. RDS will therefore remain silent until something changes.

Have a superb 2014! And keep thinking Data Science!

— Daniel

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