Los Angeles area R user group – useR! 2013 Highlights


Last night I attended the latest meeting of the Los Angeles area R User Group. The event was held in a very obscure rooftop location in Boelter Hall (the Engineering building). I’m glad I arrived a bit early otherwise I would have missed out on the limit pizza supply. But no matter, my motivation for attending was to hear all about the international useR! 2013 recently help in Albacete, Spain. I wasn’t disappointed. The group’s organizer, Szilard Pafka and Bryan Galvin gave useful presentations about all the new stuff that was offered up at the conference.  I’d like to present a summary here for RDS blog readers. In no particular order:

  • Check out the useR! 2013 website for detailed information about the conference.
  • There is a new JVM-based interpreter for R called Renjin.
  • It seems the evil empire Oracle is all into R now with Oracle R Enterprise.
  • A brand new version of the plyr R package is in the works called dplyr. The main benefit is it will be much faster!
  • The shiny web application framework package for R continues to be a rising star. Check out this tutorial.
  • There is a new “pretty quick” version of R called pqR.
  • And last but not least, I’m excited to say that the useR! 2014 conference will be held on June 30 – July 3 in Los Angeles at UCLA and sponsored by the UCLA Statistics department.

I always have a good time at this Meetup, which has become one of my favorites. I highly recommend this particular Meetup group if you happen to be in Los Angeles, but if not, try to locate a similar group near you.



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