Los Angeles area R user group


LA R user groupOn October 25, 2012 I attended the LA area R user group  organized through: http://www.meetup.com/LAarea-R-usergroup/. This is a really nice user group with a focus on the R statistical programming environment that many data scientists use for developing machine learning algorithms. I’ve used R for years and it is my favorite although I do use a Matlab derivative called Octave on occasion. If you’re looking to get into R or strengthen your skills with R, I highly recommend you seek out a local R meetup.com group.

The event was held over at the offices of Adconion Media Group in Santa Monica, which happens to be walking distance from my gym. So after running a couple of miles, I headed over to the event that provided ample pizza and soft drinks (to counteract the calories burned moments earlier). It was a great venue for a group of about 50 attendees or so. It was a typical hipster, high-tech workplace, complete with a large presentation area for the meetup.

The meeting I attended was entitled “More highlights of useR! 2012 conference (Part 2)” and amounted to a discussion of some cool stuff discovered at the useR! 2012 Conference. The group’s organizer Szilard Pafka led a very detailed tutorial/demo on how to load and use R with Amazon’s EC2. If you’re interested in this configuration, the recorded talk can be obtained here: http://www.r-bloggers.com/RUG/2012/08/highlights-from-the-user-2012-conference/

Although I wasn’t particularly interested in the topics for this meetup, I do greatly appreciate there being a user group that aligns so well with my interests in data science, machine learning and statistics. Meetup.com is an excellent resource for finding like-minded people in your area of expertise.



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